Five tips for small business to jump start their marketing efforts.

By |July 27th, 2012|By Ryan Battishill, Tips|

Running a small business is tough, and marketing for a small business can be even tougher. Business owners wear a lot of hats, focusing on growing the business, attending to customer service issues or even managing the team.  It’s often hard to find time to enhance your marketing efforts and execute those great ideas when you are busy with the day to day duties as a business owner.

The good news is there are some basic blocking and tackling moves that can make your job a little easier.  The infographic below outlines five small business tips to help you reach your marketing goals.

Remember, at the end of the day, if you’re thinking like your customers, you’re more likely to be successful at each and every one of these elements.

Here they are via text:

  1. Get their email. And make sure you give them a reason to sign up.
  2. Ask for reviews. Over 20% of reviews have local intent.
  3. Give back. Find a local cause that you can get behind.
  4. Change it up. Rotate your message or your creative.
  5. Learn from your customers. They’re smarter than you are about what they want.